Our products

Our products

Our products for bakery industry

Our experts rigorously selected the bakery equipment of leading European manufacturers, as well as the spare parts and components for it. Therefore, we can guarantee the quality of products listed on the site and are ready to provide all the necessary information about them.


Machinery and industrial equipment for bakery

Machinery and industrial equipment for bakery

One of the main focus of our company is the sale of machines and industrial equipment for the bakeries of all sizes. We offer our customers the tailor-made solutions according to their requirements and, in addition, provide the clients with the necessary spare parts.

Transport and customized logistics for Russian market

Transport and customized logistics for Russian market

The specialists of Lehrmann GmbH offer customized l transport and logistics solutions for your projects in the Russian market. For the needs of each client, we develop a reliable transport chain, which can be optimally combined and successfully used along with the implementation of your project.

Certification in Russia

Certification in Russia

Obtaining of various certificates (e.g. conformity сcertificates) and licenses for the Russian market is a complex process; there can be hidden factors that significantly affect the final cost of your project. Based on official data, we analyze the import regulations for your products and assist you in the preparation of applications for the certificates your products need.


About us

Your bridge to Eastern Europe

Lehrmann GmbH is a partner for all companies that want to start or expand their activities in the field of marketing and sales in the Eastern European markets. We develop a variety of financial solutions for our clients, thereby helping to implement different new innovative projects.

Continuous improvement of efficiency

An important aspect of our company is our aspiration to facilitate the production processes at the enterprises of our customers, and to improve their efficiency through innovative technologies. We pass on the experience and knowledge of traditional European manufacturers to our customers.

Conceptual solutions for sales

We offer services for the sale of machinery, industrial equipment, spare parts, components and backery ingredients for the needs of the baking industry in the Eastern European market.

Lehrmann GmbH is an independent trading company with its head office in the free Hanseatic city of Hamburg. The active work with customers in the market of Eastern Europe, as well as with leading European manufacturers has brought us knowledge of a particular market.

The twelve-year experience crystallized into specific approach to working with clients that make it possible to develop a stable, multi-year, trusting relationship. New experience allows us to constantly improve our expertise and adapt to market requirements, as well as to individual customer demands.

In the last years of managing my company, it became clear to me that the secret of successful and long-term business is built primarily on human relations and mutual trust.

Starting to work with a client or a new partner, I try to understand what this person is driven, what main idea was taken as a basis for his business.

The creation of a partner bridge between the countries of Eastern and Western Europe makes it possible to scale the business ideas of each of the parties, since every project we enter upon leads to growth, gain in valuable experience and the long-term development of partnerships.


Konstantin Lehrmann


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