Healthy nutrition is currently one of the main consumer trends. Tasty and nutritious bread chips, instead of fat and high-calorie potato chips, which are offered to us today in supermarkets in masses.

We ask for a special solution in the bread cutting area, which with the help of our offered bread slicer you cut the bread chips in optimal and uniform cutting quality, the products and then evenly distributed on the baking sheets. The sheets can then be automatically transferred to the oven as desired. Products can be cut with rye portions, as well as with different fillings (dry fruits, seeds, and nuts, etc.).

Two to three operators are quite sufficient to operate the machine by default and effectively - one fills the bread cassettes with bread, the other receives the baking sheets with the already cut and distributed product, the third loads the empty sheets back into the machine.

The integrated band knife (the teeth can be varied according to customer requirements) is equipped with a cleaning and lubrication system, so that it can be cut both ordinary rye breads and wheat breads with dried fruits and nuts with high quality cut.

As an additional option, the sliced ​​bread chips can be sprinkled with spices or flavor oil and sprinkled.

Depending on customer requirements, the cutting thickness can be set between 1.5 and 10 mm. The cutting performance of a cassette is up to 60 cuts per minute. Up to 4 baking trays can be filled with bread chips in one minute. The number of bread cassettes depends on the size of the product and is determined before ordering the machine.

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