Band knives are the heart of the machine. You can use a modern cutting system from HARTMANN, PS-MAKO, or IPEKA in your operation, but if the knives do not function properly or tear quickly, it stops the entire packaging process until you replace the new spare band knives in the band slicer.

Finding new suppliers for the band knives is also not always easy. Either they are too expensive, there is a lack of knife quality, or the production time for the new knives is very long. We constantly check our band knives on various bread slicing machines and have derived the ideal formula from it:

  • Quality of the gearing for consistent slice thickness
  • Special welding technique of the bands.

The gearing and its special sharpness ensure a beautiful and uniform cut of the bread across the entire cutting surface, minimizing the crumb content.

The lifespan of the knife mostly depends on the weld seam; often, the band knife bursts at the weld point earlier than the knife gearing becomes dull.

For this reason, special attention is paid to these two parameters in the production of LEHRMANN band knives. Strict quality checks are carried out in every phase of the automated line, and any deviations are corrected or sorted out.

This guarantees our customers that our band knives for bread consistently and perfectly cut the bread product and remain in the production process for a longer time.

The knives are ready for shipment in our warehouse. This saves you the production time of the knives, and you don't have to worry about spare sets. We take care of that for you!

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