We have solved the mold problem radically with the help of a double protection that prevents the formation of mold.

In the production of dough we offer special materials with antibacterial additives, which are additionally treated with ultraviolet light (UV light). For this reason, you should only wash the dough trays as usual, replace worn ones and not worry about compliance with the hygiene standards.

In order to simplify the sorting and control of the palstic troughs, we offer our mesh bags in different colors. This allows your colleagues in production to easily distinguish between the used troughs (eg blue) and new ones (eg white ones) and to exchange them easily. In addition, by changing the color it is easier to detect the wear of troughs and quickly replace the worn dough tray.

In addition, our troughs have been optimized and improved for some proofer models (e.g., by WP Haton) for effective use. For example, at WP-Haton Mulden we have three sips instead of the usual six. This facilitates the insertion and removal of the troughs while the stability over the entire surface of the diameter is even better distributed than you already known Teigmulden.

Material: High quality and fine polyethylene with antibacterial additives "Anti microbe additives" and a UV stabilizer.

Let our experts advise you and send us information about your machine type and the dimension of the already used dough tray. We are happy to make you an attractive offer.

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