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Bakery equipment

Bakery equipment

Bakery and confectionery equipment of leading European manufacturers passed our experts’ scrutinous selection. We can provide both a whole production line for a specific situation, and offer certain machines.

Spare parts and components

Spare parts and components

Search for spare parts and components sometimes becomes a problem, so we take it on ourselves. A separate line of components is produced under our LEHRMANN brand.

You do not have to carry on long correspondence with the supplier of this or another detail; just write us the name of the needed part, machine and manufacturer.

Trays, bakeware and accessories

Trays, bakeware and accessories

We are constantly improving the components for ovens, adding new positions in the product line. Here you will find baking sheets and tins, rack trucks for equipment of various manufacturers.

Our service

Our service

In addition to our products, we offer services in the following areas: preparation and implementation of industrial machine projects and lines, logistics solutions for Eastern Europe, certification of goods for the Russian market.


Our innovative products for you

The products described below have already earned a good reputation among our customers and find a ready market sale.

About us

For those who choose quality

We guarantee that all products with the LEHRMANN brand are of high quality; they are designed for use in the food industry and have passed a multi-stage inspection. The manufacturing is carried out in three European countries, including Germany. All positions are available both in our warehouses and by order.



Conceptual solutions and services

No matter, a spare part, a machine or a ready-made production line for the entire bakery, we will offer and advise the best solution for your situation. On request, we will also help in finding second-hand equipment in good keep.

In addition, we will not leave you with the machine hand to hand, but find and deliver the necessary spare parts and components.



Your partner bridge

Lehrmann GmbH is a partner for companies that want to start or intensify their activities in the markets of Eastern European countries.

We can become both your representative, and connect a manufacturer and a customer directly. In addition, we will help certify the goods and provide logistic support in the delivery “door-to-door.”



Lehrmann GmbH is an independent company headquartered in the free Hanseatic city of Hamburg. Active work with clients from all over the continent and leading European manufacturers brought us knowledge of the markets in the European Union and Eastern Europe.

The fifteen-year experience has crystallized in our proprietary methods of working with clients that take into account the need to build stable, multi-year, confidential relationships. The new experience allows us to build up constantly our professional knowledge and adapt to the requirements of the market, as well as to individual requirements of a customer.

In the last years of managing my company, it became clear to me that the secret of successful and long-term business is built primarily on human relations and mutual trust.

Starting to work with a client or a new partner, I try to understand what this person is driven, what main idea was taken as a basis for his business.

The creation of a partner bridge between the countries of Eastern and Western Europe makes it possible to scale the business ideas of each of the parties, since every project we enter upon leads to growth, gain in valuable experience and the long-term development of partnerships.


Konstantin Lehrmann



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