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About us


The company Lehrmann GmbH, based in Hamburg, Germany, has been in the market for 15 years.

Among our main activities, there are the sale of bakery and confectionary equipment produced in Europe, as well as spare parts and components to it, such as bakery tins and trucks.

In 2004, we started our business with the search for production solutions on slicing and packing of bread for the Eastern European market. Two years later, a new direction was added, namely designing lines for slicing, portioning and packing of baguettes. We successfully implemented several large and complex projects at Russian bakeries.

Then we expanded our activities to the countries of the Baltic and Scandinavian countries, leaving a narrow niche of finished products processing at the same time. However, the experience in selecting machines for cutting dense black bread helped us distinguish the basic qualities and complexities of the product, for which equipment should be ideally suitable.

Among our projects, there are the equipment for disinfecting the surface of bread designed specifically for request of a large bakery, and a line for covering sweets with soft fillings with chocolate, as well as the equipment for a large production unit on the pre-treatment of dough, etc.

The search for quality components that always accompanies our activity led to the idea of ​​creating our own multi-brand LEHRMANN. We interpret traditions in a new way, using materials of the latest developments and modern equipment for production, which results in more durable and high-quality things. Our name since 2017 is to be found on the products, which our company is confident in: we have repeatedly tested them in independent laboratories and in the conditions of daily use in bakeries. All components are manufactured on modern equipment in three European countries.

One of our most recognizable products is ribbon knives for high-speed bread-cutting machines. Depending on the equipment, the type and amount of bread to be cut, we select the correct grinding and make a delivery plan so that the production would not have to be stopped waiting for components.

The youngest products in our line are baking sheets, tins and rack trolleys for ovens and freezers. We offer not only standard sizes, but also those made according to individual requests, including those with various surface coatings.

Due to the gradual natural expansion of the market, we are now working closely with customers across Europe, including several large networks of bakeries and supermarkets, and we have several warehouses in the EC and Russia.

In addition, we provide support to European manufacturers, helping to pass the certification, draw up a contract, obtain permits for import and deliver goods on DDP terms (“up to the door”), even in difficult cases. We find the best way out for shipments to countries with a complex political situation.


12.03. - 15.03.2019


Moscow, Russia
Moscow, IEC Expocentre

INTERNORGA - Bakery & Confectionery
15.03. - 20.3.2019

INTERNORGA - Bakery & Confectionery

Hamburg, Germany
Hamburg Messe und Congress

SweetEx 2019 Bakery & Confectionery - International Online Exhibition
23.04 - 25.04.2019

SweetEx 2019 Bakery & Confectionery - International Online Exhibition

Online on https://expo-universe.com

SÜDBACK Trade Fair for Bakery and Confectionery Trades
21.09. - 24.09.2019

SÜDBACK Trade Fair for Bakery and Confectionery Trades

Stuttgart, Germany
Stuttgart, Messe Stuttgart


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WRITE US info@lehrmanngmbh.de

Bramfelder Strasse 102 A
DE-22305 Hamburg

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