Bread slicing machine TP-60

Universal system on the basis of a band blade for bread cutting for the production of crackers and thin bread chips (from 1.5 mm thickness). Well suited for rye bread as well as soft and tender pastries, also with fillings (dried fruit, seeds, nuts, etc.)

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Characteristic properties of the machine

  • Easy operation and maintenance thanks to modern technology.
  • Perfect cutting quality for every type of bread thanks to a special oiling system.
  • Automatic laying of bread slices on metal trays or belt oven.
  • Bread slices are automatically scattered on the baking trays and ready to be put into the oven immediately.
  • Special device for cleaning and lubricating the blade.
  • Possibility of sprinkling spices and oil on the prepared product.
  • Housing meets safety standards.
  • Maintenance by two (cassette tab, acceptance of sheets) or three (with additional stacking of trays if the option of automatic return is not added) operator.

Generally available options arrangement:

  • Housing made of stainless steel
  • Set of cassettes (modules) for laying bread
  • Band blade
  • System for cleaning and lubrication of the blade
  • Drum cleaning system

Additional options:

  • Automatic laying of bread slices on metal trays
  • Automatic return and rise of trays
  • Additional conveyor for spraying oil and / or sprinkles with spices


12 months acc. to VDMA on the details damaged due to the documented manufacturing defects. These parts are replaced free of charge. The warranty does not cover all parts of machines subject to normal aging.

Technical data:

Voltage (V / Hz) 380 / 50 / 3 phase
Power (kW) 2,28
Compressed air consumption (m3/min/ bar) 0,1 / 0,6
Productivity of a cassette (cuts/min) up to 60, depending on the size of the cassette
Productivity (trays/min) 1 - 4
Cutting thickness (mm) 1,5 - 10
Dimensions of the baking tray (mm) 965 x 580 x 20
Height (mm) 2084
Lenght (mm) 4113
Width (mm) 2107
Net weight (kg) 750


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