Bread-slicing Automatic Machine ROTEC 2000

ROTEC 2000 is an equipment for cutting almost any kind of bread. In the updated third modification, the developers added an electronic control panel, increased the width of the cutting channel, added speed control of the conveyor, improved the lubrication system of the knife and updated the design.

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Thanks to the improved system and the disk knife, the slicing is carried out carefully and gently, and the noise level of the process has been significantly reduced. The thickness of the slices can be set both before and during the operation of the machine within 3 - 25 mm.

Characteristic properties of the machine:

  • Modern technology that makes it easy to operate and maintain the machine.
  • Electronic programmable control panel with the possibility of changing the thickness of slicing during the operation.
  • Excellent cutting quality and minimal wastes thanks to the disc knife.
  • A special device for cleaning and lubricating the knife with oil at each cut with the possibility to adjust the amount of oil injected.
  • For easier cleaning, easy access to the knife and removable trays for crumbs and oil residues.
  • Spring stabilizer for firm bread retention in the cutting channel, with variable height and pressure on the bread.
  • Chain conveyor of four chains for better product movement.
  • Possibility to install parting guides (from 2 to 6 rows) for parallel slicing of baguettes.
  • Simple adjustment of the cutting channel with two knobs.
  • Special power motor with a brake, 2.2 kW
  • The housing is designed to meet the safety standards.
  • The productivity (cuts / min) is controlled via the frequency converter.
  • The speed of the output conveyor is controlled by the operator by means of the switch desk.
  • Ability to turn the conveyor on and off from the operator's workplace.
  • Sliced ​​bread before going to the operator’s station is kept from crumbling with the help of lamellas.

The maximum productivity of ROTEC 2000 is 300 cuts per minute and can be changed by the built-in frequency converter. To increase the efficiency of the machine, the installation of 2 to 6 parallel flows is possible. This and other additional functions are agreed upon by the client individually, depending on the wishes and technical conditions of production.

Optional extra:

  • Extended feed conveyor (up to 1500 mm)
  • Separation guides in 4 or 5 rows (Input - Output)


18 months acc. to VDMA on the details damaged due to the documented manufacturing defects. These parts are replaced free of charge. The warranty does not cover all parts of machines subject to normal aging, as well as malfunctions occurred during improper operation.

Technical data:

Mains voltage (V) 400 / 3 phase
Power supply (kW) 4,6
Noise level (dB) 64
Productivity (slices/min) 300
Cutting channel height (mm) 160
Cutting cahnnel width (mm) 210
Thickness of slicing (mm) 3 - 25
Height (mm) 1522
Length (mm) 3433
Width (mm) 1122
Net weight (kg) 870


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