Device for horizontal cutting of buns Brötchenfix

The device is designed for horizontal cutting at halves and nicking of buns, hot dogs, baguettes, bagels and other types of baked products.

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The work is done completely in manual mode, but it takes only a few seconds to cut one bun.

Thanks to the convenient handle for moving the bun holder and the protective cover above the knife, use of the cutter is completely safe and the probability of slits of the worker's hands is excluded. The device is ideal for small bakeries and non-automated bread production units, cafes and restaurants, hotels, hot dog stands, etc.

Features of the machine:

  • Device is easy to use.
  • High level of safety when working with the cutter.
  • Easy and convenient cleaning of the machine.
  • Smooth adjustment of the height and depth of the cut.
  • A bun is cut in a few seconds.

Standard equipment:

  • Stainless steel housing
  • Knife for buns cutting
  • Protective cover
  • Buns holder with comfortable handle


12 months acc. to VDMA on the parts of the machines damaged due to documented factory defects. These parts are replaced free of charge. The warranty does not cover all parts of the machines subject to natural aging.


Model Small Large
Length of a cut (mm) 180 180
Width of a cut(mm) 80 80
Height of a cut (mm) 80 80
Width (mm) 300 300
Depth (mm) 450 500
Height (mm) 130 130
Net weight (kg) 5 5


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