Dough rounder roller machine UNIVERSAL

This is the equipment for rounding and rolling of dough pieces into buns and batons. Suitable for handling sticky dough and the dough with rye flour content up to 90% and with TA up to 170%. With the help of a special LIFTOMAT lift, it is possible to connect a dough rounder machine with any dough divider into a single production line.

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Characteristic properties of the machine:

  • Modern technology that makes it easy to operate and maintain the machine.
  • Computer control with the program memory.
  • Convenient and simple adjustment of all options on the touch screen.
  • The machine operates in two stages: rounding and subsequent stretching (elongation) of the dough piece, while the dough pieces can be removed immediately after rounding.
  • The stretching module works on the principle of a belt weft: a round dough piece is rolled between two rolls with Teflon coating, then it comes to the forming board to be given the desired length and shape.
  • The dough forming simulates a manual one due to the out-of-round rounding system.
  • Three options for adjusting the deflection of the rounding cone.
  • Two setting points for the molding board.
  • Infinitely variable adjustment of angular velocity.
  • Integrated flour feeding for sticky dough types.

Additional equipment:

  • Connectable flour spreader for handling dough with rye flour content up to 90% and TA up to 170%


12 months acc. to VDMA on the parts of the machines damaged due to documented factory defects. These parts are replaced free of charge. The warranty does not cover all parts of the machines subject to normal aging.

Technical features:

Power supply (V / Hz) 400 / 50 / 3 phase
Engine (kW) 0,9
Rounding range (g) 150 - 1500 / 450 - 2000 / 250 - 750
Productivity (dough pcs/h) 650 - 1000
Width (mm) 1100
Depth (mm) 1450
Height (mm) 1440
Working heigth (mm) 1840
Weight (kg) 640


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