Bread shredder RZ 4

Professional equipment for processing residues, surpluses or defective bakery products, as well as grinding of breadcrumbs.

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Features of the machine:

  • Modern technology that makes it easy to operate and maintain the machine.
  • High-quality grinding of breadcrumbs by means of the sieves with the cells of different diameter. High efficiency of processing of bread leftovers due to the interaction of grinding tools and sieving devices.
  • Spray protection on the filler.
  • Easy cleaning thanks to a fully tilting filler equipped with quick-action clamps.
  • Compact size and convenient relocation in the production unit.
  • Easy and safe maintenance thanks to an efficient brake gear.

Standard equipment:

  • Stationary or freestanding base
  • Anticorrosive housing
  • Crushing tool made of cast stainless steel
  • Tubular substructure made of stainless steel with vibration dampers and rollers
  • Direct drive with manual switch with counter-current braking
  • A set of components: 2 stainless steel dish-shaped sieves (for bread leftovers, etc., perforation 10 and 20 mm), 1 vertical stainless steel sieve (for breadcrumbs, perforation 6 mm), 1 filling hose, 1 bag for collection and 1 expanding ring for continuous loading.




Power supply (V / Hz) 400 / 50
Fuse (A) 16
Power (kW) 4
Productivity (kg/hour) 450 - 800
Output channel height (mm) 465
Hopper diameter (mm) 240
Length (mm) 520
Width (mm) 500
Height (mm) 1650
Net weight (kg) 78


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