Spray system THERMO CONCEPT 3 Airmix

A special device for spraying products (light and dark chocolate, fondants, powdered jellies, oil, fats, fillings, etc.), which must be continuously heated and keep a certain temperature.

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In a stainless steel container, the confectionery masses are heated to the desired temperature and can be immediately spread on the ready product. Thanks to the heated container and hose, the spraying can be interrupted and continued at any time with no risk that heterogeneous consistency emerges or cooling of the masses takes place.

Features of the spray system:

  • Heating without the use of a water bath due to the constant heating system.
  • Spraying is carried out directly from a 5.7-liter high-pressure stainless steel container with constant heating.
  • Digital temperature display with the possibility of separate temperature settings.
  • Adjustable hose of the spray gun.
  • Accelerated heating with no temperature fluctuations.
  • The sprayer is equipped with a cleaning system.
  • Quick and flexible emptying of the container.
  • External compressed air is required for operation.
  • No additional maintenance is required.

In addition, THERMO CONCEPT differs from sprayers of other manufacturers in that it does not use a water bath in its systems. The THERMO heating technology keeps the product evenly at the same temperature.


12 months acc. to VDMA on the parts of the machines damaged due to documented factory defects. These parts are replaced free of charge. The warranty does not cover all parts of the machines subject to natural aging.


Voltage (V / Hz) 230 / 50
Heating power (kW) 3,5
Container volume (L) 5,7
Length (mm) 495
Width (mm) 565
Height (mm) 945
Net weight (kg) 52


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