Rack trucks (Trolleys)

Lehrmann GmbH offers rolling rack trucks for equipment of various manufacturers, including BONGARD, DAUB, DEBAG, GLIMEK, HEUFT, KÖNIG, MIWE, REVENT, SALVA, SVEBA DAHLEN, WIESHEU, WP, etc. In addition to the standard options, it is possible to customize the racks according to your sizes.

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Our trucks can be used for rolling baking trays, sheets and tins with dough pieces into proofers, freezers or ovens, and for transporting baking products to the place of packing or layout in showcases as well.

Thanks to the fact that our manufacturer has the most modern equipment in Europe, all trucks are manufactured on a fully automated line with strict control at each stage. Increased attention is paid to the assembling, which makes it possible to increase the operating service life.

Features of the rack trucks:

  • Made of high quality stainless steel meeting all hygiene standards.
  • Equipped with reliable rotary wheels, resistant to high temperatures.
  • Easy cleaning by immersion in cleaning solution.

For faster request handling, please let us know the following parameters:

  • Size of trays in format Length x Width x Height
  • Number of levels / shelves
  • Number of trucks


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