Plastic proofing pans

For round and rectangular loaves, as well as long pans for baguettes. The wallsides in the form of blinds with narrow slots for airflow prevent the sticking of dough, and matt internal and external surfaces ensure optimal adhesion of flour and safe handling.

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Distinctive pans features:

  • Made of high quality plastic that meets European standards (HACCP).
  • The material also meets hygiene standards; the pans do not form moldiness.
  • Do not contain foreign materials and removable parts.
  • Easy to clean, suitable even for dishwasher.
  • Designed in such a way that the dough does not stick to the pan.
  • Matt internal and external surfaces.
  • Can be stored in stacks, in each other, what saves space.

Additional options:

  • Manufacture by customer’s sizes.
  • Manufacture with holes and slots for steel screws with countersunk heads.

The pans are supplied in an amount from 10 pieces; the set does not include meshes for proofing pans.

Round pans:

Art. 056-18 056-23 056-24 056-30
Dimensions (mm) 180х90 230х90 235х90 300х90
Weight of the dough (g) 500 1000 1000 2000

Rectangular pans:

Art. 055-25 055-27 055-29 055-31 055-33
Dimensions (mm) 245х135х87 270х145х85 285х148х85 310х150х90 330x155x85
Weight of the dough (g) 500 750 750 850 850
Art. 055-36 055-42 055-42 M04 055-42 M05
Dimensions (mm) 360x160x85 420x160x85 510x160x85 605x160x85
Weight of the dough (g) 1000 1250-1500 1250-1500 1250-1500

Pans for baguettes:

Art. 055-65 055-84 055-104 055-140 055-290
Dimensions (mm) 650х175х95 840х175х95 1035х175х95 1415х175х95 2915x175x95


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