Certification for Eastern Europe and Asia

Certification for Eastern Europe and Asia


Certification for Eastern Europe and Asia

Assistance in obtaining certificates of the EAEU and GOST, declarations, licenses, etc. for import to the countries of the EAEU and CIS, including Russia.

Obtaining of various certificates (for example, certificates of conformity) and licenses for the market of countries belonging to the EAEU and CIS is a complex process that can significantly increase the cost of the goods for a final buyer.

Lehrmann GmbH has the extensive experience in obtaining all types of EAEU and GOST certificates, declarations, certificates of conformity, licenses and other permits required for measuring instruments, fire protection equipment, explosion protection, pressurized equipment, etc. in compliance with the normative acts in force in the EAEU and CIS countries.

What we do:


  • Based on official data, we analyze the import rules for your products and assist in the preparation of applications for the certificates required.
  • We prepare all necessary documents for filing of application.
  • We inform you about the meaning of all necessary documents.
  • We undertake to submit your application to the appropriate authorities.

The entire certification process is managed directly from Russia, which means fast document processing and cost savings.

The presence of properly issued documents is a solid basis for sales activities in Russia, the EAEU and CIS.


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