Decorative felt

We offer a large selection of batting and felt; there is a pleasant palette of shades.

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Thanks to modern equipment and stock-in-trade of our manufacturer, we can offer the material with its ideal surface quality, uniform structure and density of up to 0.30 g / m3.

The product is made classically – by felting and rolling. In the production process, the capabilities of modern production plants based on centuries of experience are used, resulting in high-quality products.

Our clients use batting and felt for the production of bookmarks, handbags, cup holders, pans, organizer boxes and decorative boxes, cases for phones or keys, covers for books and notebooks, keyrings, creative sets and other items with their own design and / or the company logo.

Available colors:

  • pastel orange
  • orange
  • coral
  • red
  • carmine
  • red-brown
  • pink
  • purple
  • yellow
  • lemon
  • pistachio
  • green
  • dark green
  • light blue
  • blue
  • heavenly blue
  • dark blue
  • indigo
  • dark blue
  • light gray
  • gray
  • anthracite
  • graphite
  • sand
  • cappuccino
  • coffee
  • ocher
  • chocolate




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