Our goal is to select what will meet fully your requirements and production conditions, and optimally match financial investments and performance quality.

Some components for bakery equipment we offer under our brand – LEHRMANN.

What is behind this? Our experts studied the European market, conducted a thorough check of the products offered, and tested them in independent laboratories. Then they created products that maximally meet the requirements of end users.

Bread slicers for the bakery and bakery industry

Customized complete solutions for the entire production of bread slicing machines and packaging.

Machine blades for bread and additional spare parts

Wide range of machine knives, including band blades, recipe blades, as well as circular and sickle blades, all optimally suitable for various bread slicing machines from different manufacturers.

Baking trays and baking tins for bakeries

Our baking sheets, perforated sheets, and baking molds are manufactured in both standard dimensions and custom sizes using state-of-the-art manufacturing technology.



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